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No catch,no sharing your details,no bombarding you with emails, its just free, fun,useful and can save you bundles of money as well!


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Well done, great shot your on target for great fun, all the information, resources and help you may ever need if you are thinking of, or already own, a Citroen!

It matters not if you’ve got a beautiful classic DS or an equally lovely  brand new DS5 there will be something here that’s of interest to you,saves you money, makes you laugh or unfortunately in some cases (and don’t mention the C5 HPi here)
helps you fix it!

The Citroen Owners Club as it suggests is for owners of Citroen cars. We are independent of Citroen UK so we are not on anyone’s side, well maybe our members, but don’t tell anyone! Which means that you can trust our opinions and views, that although, are all our own, come from actually owning, driving or selling real Citroens!

You can check out average repair costs for different model Citroen here.

Buy different products to protect you and your Citroen here.

Browse loads of Citroen Cars for sale here and then, if you find one, before you buy read some buying tips, test drive tips and a review of every modern and current Citroen here.

The Citroen Owners Club is free to join at
Level 1 and even with no cost to you we will be very happy to send you a free pack of Citroen Owners Club anti-fraud stickers 
that will help to stamp out so called 'cash for crash' and 'cash for flash' fraud. Free membership now also includes a totaly free legal expenses policy as well. If you pay for this cover on you motor insurance renewal do a comparison and you will probably find this free policy from the club is the same as the one you could be paying up to £40 a year for on your insurance renewal!

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Whatever you decide to do please, please, please just enjoy yourself using the Citroen Owners Club site its purpose is, after all, to be here to help.

If you have got any questions just
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Have fun, relax, enjoy, we hope we can help!


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