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Citroen 11B Traction Avant 1939

Sold For £4,011





4 cylinders in line
1911 cc
56 hp at 3800 rev / min
3 speed gearbox

True monument of the classic French car, the Citroen Traction-Avant in 1934 will profile the car of the future. Its specifications Cv 7, 7 litres per hundred, 100 km / h, 4 seats, 800 kg evolve in 1937 with the introduction of a more efficient version.

The famous 11 will continue production until 1957 and sold 759,111 copies.

The model presented is from 1939, so it has the engine of 56 hp.

Preserved and Complete but requires a complete restoration. Pre-war models are rare to find and are in the eyes of connoisseurs the most desirable.

Estimate: £2,407 - £3,209
Sold for:   £4,011