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Citroen 11CV Traction Avant Familiale 1953

Sold For £6,474

Pierre Berge & Associes 08/10/12


Chassis No. 439544

A great classic original long wheel base model.

A great classic Produced from 1934 to 1957, the history of traction is positively related to World War II resistance, This legendary car won acclaim with innovative technical solutions especially for its time, particularly the front wheel handling and exceptional reliability insure a commercial success of the first order.

The car shown is a rare family six. A row of folding seats facing the road for larger family to use a custom protocol. Black livery as like most tractions, it probably has the original paint as the interior fabric that seems to have survived the ages without a wrinkle. Showing  85,000 kms of  that make this car as fresh and healthy. Even the headlining is still in good condition.

Used by the Franco government administration, and was registered in 1964.

Sold for: £6,474