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Citroen 15-Six Traction Avant Cabriolet 1950

Sold For £73,191


Chassis No 697903
Engine No PR00826
Cabriolet 15-Six - part of a known series
High build quality

Some years ago, Marcel Bonhoure, former collector and pillar of the Club de l'Auto, wanted to add a Traction 15-Six cabriolet to his collection. Given the rarity of this model (official factory records mention just two examples), he decided to build a replica. The result was so faithful to the original that he took orders from some of his friends for identical cars. In total, during the 1980s and 1990s, he produced seven examples of this convertible body, with running board.

The cabriolet on offer bears the number 90/002 and is owned by perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, who bought the car at auction in 1997. With fold-down windscreen and " Pilote " wheels, the car is presented in black with beige leather interior and midnight blue hood. It is beautifully constructed, and displays the patina of a car built some 20 years ago. It is in running order, but a service is advised before embarking on a long journey. It is important to note that the 'Carte Grise ' has been updated: it mentions 15 SIX MOD and the cabriolet bodywork. With everything in order, it is possible to enjoy the power and versatility of the 15's six cylinder engine, combined with the joy of an open top car, and all for a lower price than an 11 CV cabriolet.

This car is being sold without MOT as the repair to the brake linings was not completed in time for the sale. This can be carried out at the seller's expense by the garage that has started the work.

Estimate: £33,208 - £49,812
Sold for:  £73,191