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Citroen 15-Six Traction Avant 1951

Sold For £23,333


Chassis No 710494
French grey card

Our six Citroën 15 is a 1951 model with the right bumper and the boot "flat".

It comes in a superb condition. Its interior wool is almost perfect. Tyres, the Michelin X 185x400, are new. The engine has been completely rebuilt and runs very well. Paint and chrome do not require any work. The wings are equipped with aluminium shoes On the dashboard there are water temperature and oil pressure gauges that were added to better monitor the engine.

The odometer shows 78,300 km.

This is certainly a very beautiful example of the famous "15", it can be used immediately. It is in great shape at 60, what could be more normal!

Estimate: £20,115 - £24,138
Sold for:   £23,333