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Citroen 2CV Type AZ 1959

Sold For £5,776





The "ugly duckling" as the press called, only available in grey, would soon get to see many orders despite substantial delays. The performance was modest, but the ride was quite comfortable. Both the spaciousness and functionality are good, and the handling is amazing for the era.

In 1954, a version with an engine AZ increased the power to 425 cc appeared. Now with 12 hp can now reach almost 80 km / h on the flat! The 2CV will gradually become a social phenomenon. Loved collectively by most of France the 2CV is the talk of the whole population. And it is not about to end.

The model presented is a 1959 model. It has under gone a total restoration including paintwork, interior, mechanics, brakes and electrics. The hood is new. It all works perfectly well, and has very little mileage since its restoration. It is a good deal for a collector Citroenniste who knows the price of restoration and who wants to enjoy his car immediately.

Warning, if previous models are fairly common, it is much more difficult to find a car of this vintage in such a beautiful state.

Estimate: £6,418 - £8,022
Sold for:  £5,776