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Citroen 5CV Type C3 Torpedo Tourer 1925

Sold For £8,280





Chassis no. to be advised
Engine no. to be advised

Citroen's first truly outstanding design, the Type C was introduced in 1922. 'Motoring for the masses' French-style, the Type C, also known as the 'Cloverleaf' because of its two-plus-one seating or 5CV after its tax rating, brought 'real' car ownership within reach of the Frenchman in the street. Powered by a four-cylinder, side valve engine displacing 856cc, the 'Cloverleaf' was more renowned for longevity than outright speed. One was driven all around Australia in 1925 and, given the model's success, the decision to discontinue it towards the end of the following year appears hard to justify. The 'Cloverleaf' also has the distinction of being the first model built at Citroen's Slough works the French concern's first foreign factory - when it opened in February 1926.

Restored at date unknown, this super little 5CV Torpedo Tourer is finished in black with re-trimmed matching leather interior and has a very good fawn-coloured top. Some electrical work has been undertaken, which requires finishing, and it is hoped that Frenchay Garage will have been able to get the car running prior to sale. There are no documents with this Lot.

Sold for:  £8,280 inc. premium