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Used car buying advice and tips.

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Buying any used car can be great fun but also, if you are not careful ,a minefield as well! It should be fun purchasing your 'new' vehicle  and not a chore so hopefully our tips and advice can help you along the way and make it all a little more enjoyable.

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·         Buying from a used car or main dealer.



·         Buying a used Citroen from auction.



·         Buying privately from classified adverts, eBay,AutoTrader etc.



·         What is a vehicle identity check (VIC)



·         Top test drive tips to put you in the driving seat.



·         Has my Citroen been cloned?



·         Car clocking & what to look out for



·         Citroen documentation checks, service history,MOT, V5 (log book) etc.



  • Car status report (Don't buy a used Citroen without  a HPi report you will regret it later)






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