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Tips for buying a used Citroen from a private seller.




Buying a used Citroen from private (not trade or Citroen main dealer) classified listings.


Buying a used Citroen from a private individual via classified adverts in local rags or listings on ebay, Autotrader and the like can save you a lot of money in comparison to what a used car or Citroen main dealer likes to charge. There is however a but..............


If not planned correctly it can end up costing you more money than if you had gone to a Citroen main dealer in the first place because, remember, if you do buy a car from a reputable dealer you will always have some redress if things go wrong. In buying from the classified ads you have very little if any come back on the seller.


Keep a watchful eye out for of the bogus ‘private seller’ that buys and sells used cars as a sideline to their main job. The worst culprits , and there are plenty out there, are the ones that deal in vehicles that have been badly damaged but due to only being insured third party do not show up on any vehicle damage register. If it looks too good to be true get a vehicle inspection done by a professional it will be a small investment in the overall scheme of thing and could save you from a very expensive mistake.


Please remember these ‘dodgy dealers’ would have time from initially buying the vehicle and then poorly repairing to get the vehicle registered in their name so it could even look legitimate. Its not until some stage in the future maybe weeks or even months down the road you could find out that you have a potentially dangerous vehicle which could take £1,000’s to put right.


The fact is that the office of fair trading has had more problems and complaints from the classified ‘private’ ad columns than they ever have with reputable dealers.


If you do plan correctly, do your homework and manage to avoid the bodge it and scarper brigade you can buy your self a bargain.


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Could save yourself £1,000’s

Large choice available


Little or no redress

No part exchange

No warranty/guarantee

Minimal checks for mileage discrepancies, accident damage and finance owed unless you obtain a full vehicle status report which can be done here