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Buying a used Citroen from auction (If you are feeling brave!)


Buying a used Citroen from a car auction can be fraught with danger but can also, potentially, save you money and be great fun into the bargain. If you get it right.

Car auctions should be left to those that have a certain level of a mechanical understanding and they are defiantly not for the faint hearted.

The fact is that your potential new Citroen purchase will only be heard to start up just moments before you need to bid. You will then, realistically, only have seconds to bid on it and to decide what you want to pay for it whilst very carefully listening to the auctioneer at the same time! All great fun if you get it right but buyers beware......remember you will not know beforehand if the clutch, brakes, steering, gearbox or indeed engine are in good working order or if it over heats etc.

You can of course listen to how well any potential Citroen purchase starts and visually you can check for smoking engines and look under the bonnet to check oil and water for any signs of over heating or head gasket problems.

Likewise you can check the body work for signs of damage or poor repair, check the interior of the Citroen for signs of excessive wear, check that electric windows, sunroofs and locking etc is all working correctly and that air con is cold enough but remember you will have very little time to do all this.

Other obvious, but sometimes overlooked areas are checking that no engine management lights are and of course tyre wear (be careful not to kick the tyres as this can offend those watching!) 

Sometimes, just due to the nature of auctions there is little or no time to check all of these items so you have to rely on some mechanical and car buying instinct, that’s OK but just remember to think before you bid and don’t get ‘auction fever’.

You should only ever buy a Citroen that has been directly entered by a main dealer group or a leasing / finance company etc and the reasons for this are clear.

There are many cars, Citroens included, that are entered into a car auction because there is no other way to dispose of them. Some of them will have gearbox, clutch, turbo, head gasket, ECU’s and a multitude of other possible problems all of which can go undetected on the short drive through a car auction hall. 



Good choice of vehicles and specialist Citroen sale days at many auction houses.

Could save yourself £1,000’s

All vehicles will already have had vehicle status check for major damage, insurance claims, finance owing and most newer Citroens will have mileage guarantee and even the balance of the manufacturers warrantee in some cases.


No part exchange 

No warranty/guarantee  (usually)

No test drive  

Buyer beware!

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