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Buying your new (used) Citroen from a dealer or main dealer.



Buying your new (used) Citroen from a used car or Citroen main dealer does have many benefits but this, of course, all comes at a cost.

Choosing a vehicle and then the dealer you wish to buy from can be a minefield, but it doesn't have to be. With planning and homework you should be able to cut the odds down of buying a money pit that you may have to live with for quite some time!

If you know your town and you are buying locally you will already have some idea how long dealers have been established. Normally if they have been around for some time they will usually be a safer bet. Most dealers of ill repute tend to come and go quite quickly as bad reputation spreads pretty fast. It is worth mentioning one thing though, even the dealers who generally sells good cars could still sell the odd rogue car, not intentionally, but just because there are rouge cars made from new and it can take years before that information filters through to the ‘trade’ and indeed the customers.

So in selecting a good dealer don’t just look at the car you would like to buy check out the rest of the vehicles on offer to give yourself an idea as to the quality of vehicles on sale, also ask friends and colleagues as to their reputation.

Before you enquire on any used vehicle be sure to check out our comprehensive Citroen test drive tips here.


If you want a recommendation from us just click either of the images above and check out how it should be done. Imperial Motor Company (a used car dealer) have been doing it properly for years and always have Citroens in stock & The Wilmoths Group have hundreds of used Citroens in stock across the south east. Both firms can arrange nationwide delivery and if you are a level 2 or over member of the Citroen Owners Club there are discounts of up to 10% available on selected used cars.



An honest dealer does not want to sell a bad car and will check mileages, signs of accident damage and make sure it is finance clear.

You can part exchange your car

Finance can be available for your new car


Delivery time more to your choosing



Sometimes paying a little more than from private sellers but don't forget the added protection.

Buying from the wrong dealer!