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Citroen C3 Cloverleaf Tourer 1922

Sold For £14,253

RM Auctions
Aalholm Automobile Collection

Chassis No. 48867

Jaunty in bright yellow, this Citroën Cloverleaf Tourer exhibits a boat-tail with a tiny dickey, which is the hallmark of the model.

Only open bodies were made with the original Type C, often nicknamed the "Petit Citron" (little lemon), due to it only being available in yellow at first, as one of the more popular variants. The C2 Tourer was a two-seat version but the C3 was a three-seat "Trefle" (Cloverleaf) three-seat model with room for a single passenger in the rear.
There were also C2 and C3 Cabriolets made.

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Estimate: £4,666 - £7,848
Sold for:  £14,253