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The new Citroen DS2

Citroen DS2

Possible launch 2013 


 Citroen DS2

Some predict its arrival as early as 2013 some say later, many are not saying anything! So if and when the DS2 does arrive it would be based on the Revolte concept which we first saw at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and as  Jean-Pierre Ploué, design director of PSA, told that the marketing of a model derived from this concept would please him it stands a chance!

It would sit well between the DS1 and DS3 in the range and we could see the model powered by an electric or hybrid motor. So far reports are also that we will have the new three-cylinder petrol turbo unit that the PSA group is developing with BMW. That will have power up to 110 hp. There could also be the 1.4 HDi units with 70 hp.

The year 2010 was devoted to the Citroën DS3. 2011 will be the year for the new DS4 and 2012 the brand has been fully focused on the launch of the DS5. As we know Citroen will not stop there after a large prestigious saloon, the future DS9 seems semi-officially confirmed by the Director PSA Asia, Grégoire Olivier. It still remains to complete the DS range at the other end, with the luxury sport small city car segment. The program appears to be written in for 2012 and 2013.

When Citroen announced in 2009 'it would reinvent the luxury sport brand of the DS' some remained sceptical. The Citroen DS was an automotive icon of the twentieth century and was untouchable for almost a quarter of that century. Mixing so inimitable style and technology  the DS had imposed an image of the French at its best. So was it alright to leave it to the past as it seemed impossible to create a decent range with the famous symbol so deeply rooted in the memory of the French? We say no!

Today it seems that Citroen has probably won that bet. In the minds of buyers they do not seem to hesitate between the C3 and the DS3 as it is not simply perceived as a 3-door version of the C3 but more a statement of class. We could see after just one year of its launch that the DS3, had been a positive commercial success. The DS3 confirms the judicious positioning of the DS series, a tone above the range of C and significantly more expensive. Last year, they accounted for 7% of sales for Citroen. In 2012, this percentage is expected to rise to '14 or 15% of total sales, excluding China,' says Dr. Banzet. With strong sales of the DS since the beginning of 2012, this range has won 2.63% of the French market and is better than BMW (2.3%) or Mercedes (2%).