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The Citroen GQ concept car

The Citroen GQ 

First seen London 2010



Citroen GQ

While the Geneva Motor Show was in full swing, it is in London that Citroen  unveiled its new concept car named after the famous GQ magazine.

Citroen GQ Concept that came about from a unique collaboration between GQ the men's monthly magazine and a team of Citroen designers. Designed, at least for the exterior, were the team of Mark Lloyd to which we owe the DS3. The terms of reference were simple: A masculine car! They took a new look at the GT theme and came up with a classic, in the form of the GQ with a beautiful sculpted front end that was elongated threatening but elegant, with aggressive grill and deep spoilers, very muscular and rounded rear end, with strong body contours and sleek concave rear windscreen. The interior was lavished by the Savile Row tailor E. Tautz and is equally stylish and it has been treated to a somewhat futuristic style!

Dylan Jones, editor of GQ magazine, also wanted a car that respected the environment. Thus, the prototype team gave it a hybrid power train and plug-in. The engine is a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder with direct injection. The performance is remarkable: 0 to 62 / h in 4.5 seconds! As for emissions, they are limited to 80 g / km.

Unfortunately, there are rumors already that this creation should not exceed the prototype stage.