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Citroen Hypnos

Citroen Hypnos

Paris Car Show 2008


Citroen Hypnos

Jean-Pierre Ploué designed concept crossover Hypnos with the look of a coupe but with the structure of a saloon and the ground clearance of an SUV!Hypnos imposes firmly on the eye, sitting on its massive 22-inch wheels with its powerful wheel arches and specially carved flanks. Style effects are certainly pushed to their maximum.

The interior is both avant-garde and offbeat, mainly because of the use of bright colours, indeed we find the multicoloured four seats arranged helically on either side of a central curve. Hypnos concept has a system called chromotherapy part of this unique system hides a small camera that is in charge of analyzing the behaviour of the driver and will adjust the ambience of the cabin accordingly. The system then plays on the interior lighting, varying shades of warm yellow and azure blue through to red. On the same principle, a fragrance is diffused with a choice of scent of lavender, lemon or mint. There is a dreamlike clock time is displayed with colours depending on the light and the time of day.

Fitted with the new Citroen powertrain hybrid diesel, that combines an HDi diesel engine at the front and an electric motor at the rear, which can operate independently or together, for the benefit of CO2 and performance. This gives the 2.0 HDI 200 hp coupled with an electric motor with an output of 50 hp a CO2 emissions of 120g/km.


The transition from thermal to electric by a completely automatic way: "A computer will manage the whole car, depending on the needs of the drivers and the best compromise consumption / saving CO2. When you're on the highway, for example, the vehicle will only work with its diesel engine without using the electric motor. When you're in town, full throttle, we will combine the thermal and electrical, which will result in additional benefits compared to the original mode. Finally, when you want to be a rather quiet citizen, especially in urban areas, the vehicle will operate only on electricity.

All of which enable Citroen to market on a large scale hybrid vehicle such as the be DS5, strongly inspired by the concept C-Sportlounge unveiled in 2005.