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All this cover,protection and peace of mind for just £20.00 per year!


Don't forget this cover (worth £20.00) comes free with level 3 Citroen Owners Club membership which includes an anti-fraud pack (worth £5.00) and legal protection (worth a further £15.00) as well, so that's 40 quids worth of protection products + a tenners worth of club merchandise for £49.99 per year. So theres a saving to be had before you even start using the discounts you will be entitled to!


Replacing your  Citroen’s keys  or indeed your  house keys and the inconvenience of losing, breaking or having them stolen can be expensive.

Cover is available up to £1500 per annum and you can cover not only your Citroen keys but also have peace of mind that all car and house keys are covered(up to the policy limits)  for only £20 for a full years cover.


 Key Insurance - KEY FACTS


 If during Period of Insurance and within the Territorial Limits an Insured Key is lost, damaged or stolen, the Cover holder will:

• Cover any keys attached to the fob

 • Pay a £10 reward to the finder if keys are found

 • Provide an emergency helpline 24 hrs/365 days a year

 • Cover locks, keys and charges

 • Cover car hire costs if stranded due to loss, theft, damage of keys

 • Up to £1500 in 1 year with no excess to pay

 Significant Limitations

1. Keys must be attached to the key protect key ring to be covered

2. Any amount exceeding £1500 per cover period

3. Any claim not reported within 30 days of the event


Cover provided by Driver Guardian Limited (and others) for

Citroen Owners Club Members


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