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Why join the fun at Citroen Owners Club?

•    It’s free to join at level 1 membership to the Citroen owners club and even that gets you useful freebies!
•    It will save you money.
•    Upgrade your Citroen Owners Club membership and
save even more.
•    Save on running costs.
•    Use the Citroen owners club database to solve common faults and problems.
•    Enjoy a chat on the forum with like minded Citroen owners.
•    The Citroen owners club is secure.
•    Search hundreds of use Citroen cars for sale all in one place.
•    Get yourself some unique Citroen clothing and owners club merchandise.
•    Ask us a question about Citroen, anything you like, and we will get it answered
•    Discounts of loads of Citroen and related products including up to 10% of some used cars.

•    Help with buying new or used Citroen from our huge resources and info centre

These are just some of the many benefits of being a Citroen Owners Club member. We will also keep you bang up to date with the latest Citroen news direct from Citroen UK. You can also search our comprehensive events diary for all upcoming motoring events or shows where you can take you classic, collectable or just well loved Citroen for a day out.

We are a community, information and resources site, here to help in any way we can. So come on in, relax in the secure site, enjoy your membership, make some new Citroen minded friends and above all have some fun and save some money!

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