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Citroen Revolte

Citroen Revolte

Frankfurt Car Show 2009


Citroen Revolte

After the DS3 and new C3 came the Revolte concept car with which Citroen confirms its ambition to further strengthen its top segment DS range and is staying in tune with the times, why not do it with a bit of neoretro like the Mini and Fiat 500.

References to the 2CV are found in the Citroen Revolte with limited esthetics and the philosophy of a completely different time. It still bares some resemblance with the famous canvas hood and flared fenders and
there’s enough to still reveal a figure reminiscent of the legendary 2CV.

Citroen looked at the breed of perfectly practical but dull superminis that had been spawned in the previous decade and penned a small urban luxury car that was to express luxury in a different way. Citroen is more Parisian than the other French manufacturers and Paris being the centre of the fashion world, so the Revolte comes with strong influence on fashion and bling.

The Revolt is chic and feminine, at least when it is presented in pink. Rear-hinged doors provide an ease access to the luxurious cabin, with multi-coloured woven black leather, with an array of gleaming aluminum. With a strong emphasis on extreme colours and interesting materials. There is an unconventional and distinctive three seater layout with driver’s seat to one side with a contemporary meridian sofa for the rear.

The Revolte is powered by a rechargeable hybrid drivetrain that consists of a small displacement conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor, with a battery supplying the electric motor with juice and both power plants able to drive the wheels it can also be recharged at a power outlet.