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Citroen Tubik Van

Citroen Tubik Van

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011



Citroen Tubik

Seen at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Those mad designers at Citroen have come up with a bonkers looking concept van.

Inspired by the late but long running Type H or Tub van as it was fondly referred to which ran from the forties to the eighties. The Tubik has the unmistakable stubby snout of the previous TUB, but that’s where the similarities end as this is designed not for delivering bread or fruit & veg but as a 21st century executive shuttle with an emphasis on comfort and fun, which incorporates all kinds of high tech gadgets for the new age techy. Doors that unlock via a fingerprint sensor, mini cinema with a giant' semi-circular screen with a surround-sound system, also fitted is Citroens cyclotron module it's the area of the vehicle that incorporates the driver's seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and a curved head-up display, which projects driving data onto the windscreen.

Tubik is a 9-seater vehicle whose styling and characteristics reflect the prestige of a modern saloon and creates a lounge-style cocoon dedicated to comfort and relaxation complete with leather ceiling and modular.

Powered by Citroen's Hybrid4 propulsion system. This system uses a diesel engine to power the vehicle's front wheels and an electric motor to drive those at the rear helping keep fuel consumption under control the Tubik maintains CO2 emissions at a level comparable to a conventional saloon.
The Tubik was thought to be just another concept but some are saying different.