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Citroen C-Zero (2012-Onwards)

Citroen's all-electric C-Zero is a five-door hatchback small car.  Based on a version of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, offering zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions.

The car can fit four adults in it and although headroom is not a problem adults in the rear will be short on legroom. There is also very little luggage space.

The C-Zero does come with air-conditioning, power steering plus electric windows. Basically for a town car it has strong acceleration all be it with a slight hum it is also smooth at lower speeds.Out of town on faster roads there is a fair amount wind noise due to its more upright boxy design.

The electric motor that powers the car is  47-kilowatt (66bhp) fed by a 16 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, with easy drive auto box.

For: Good acceleration and smooth ride in typical urban environments. Zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 emissions with no VED costs, almost silent to drive.

Against: Maximum range is less than 100 miles with sparse public charging points, expensive price tag.


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Models and running costs for Citroen C-Zero:






Top Speed





C-ZERO  Electric 5d Auto

15.4 secs

80 mph

66 bhp



0 g/km



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