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How do you check your Citroen is what you think it is?


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Damaged and Cloned Vehicles  

Some Citroens on the road today will have some sort of chequered past, whether they have been stolen, stolen recovered or damaged they may have been cloned with a ‘clean’ vehicle that has a good identity  and this means that it will not show on the damaged or stolen register.

You therefore must check thoroughly the vehicles chassis number and not only rely on the registration number alone ,as, after all the registration number will show up as all good, that’s the whole point of cloning!

This very useful number is usually stamped on the vehicles chassis under the bonnet you should also find an id plate that is normally stuck or riveted under the bonnet, in a door shut or displayed on the dashboard and visible through the windscreen from the outside. Make sure the plates or stamps have not been tampered with and that they match the V5 (log book) and the service book.

 Vehicle catogorsation for damaged, stolen recovered and written off Citroens:

 Category X:

Vehicles of this category have damage that has not been recorded, either a stolen recovered vehicle with minimal damage or a vehicle with minimal accident damage.

A lot of these vehicles find there way back in the market place and can go undetected if repaired to a professional standard,

Some are bought by unscrupulous dealers and smaller, perhaps ‘back street’  bodyshops to be repaired on the cheap mostly with second hand parts and then sold on to unaware buyers.

Category D:

Vehicles of this category are vehicles where the retail repair costs were below the pre-accident value of the vehicle.

All of these vehicles once repaired would be worth considerably less than any vehicle that has not sustained accident damage.

So always be aware

Category C:

Vehicles of this category are vehicles which the retail repair costs were over the cost of the pre accident value They will need a VIC (vehicle identity check) test carried out on them before a new V5 (log book) would be issued to the new owner, this is done at the local DVLA testing station and would cost around £26.50

Category B:

Vehicle has heavy damage and should be broken for spares and recycled, it should not be repaired ever!

Category A: Vehicle totally wrecked or burnt out.

If your Citroen has been previously damaged you may be required to take it for a VOSA VIC check click here for the procedure.


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