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Citroen DS 23 iE Pallas 1973

Sold For £3,848


Chassis No 4675
60,680 km

The proposed model is the most successful of the DS.

Indeed this is the latest high-end 23 DS IE. Pallas which adds a touch of luxury including tan leather interior. Carpet and upholstery are in good presentation. The dashboard is equipped with the radio "Continental Edison" with the original FM. 

The odometer shows 60,680 km, it is quite possible that this is the true mileage that the car has travelled since it left the factory. The body / paint / frame is very healthy and has no cosmetic defects. Reference AC 85 is a Beige metallic colour called "Tholonet." This is an elegant colour available over the last two years of manufacture 1973/1975, which appears more often with Pallas model.

The engine is the DX5 and mechanical assembly is also very clean. Box "hydraulic" is relaxing and pleasant, with the approval and simplicity of a manual without the obligation to engage.

For many enthusiasts, a car in superb condition original will always be greater than the same model completely restored. Indeed, it is easy to understand that to restore a car just to put time and money while finding a nice original car, it takes a lot of luck.

Estimate: £10,474 - £14,503
Sold for:  £3,848