It's free, Fun
and will save you money!

Free Motor Legal Protection Insurance!


Are you paying your Insurance Company up to £40 per vehicle for motor legal protection?  This policy will cover the same risk for all vehicles you drive.


People on average spend £25 per year on this policy, usually as a pre ticked add-on.

Just follow the simple steps below to take advantage of this totally free policy.

You can do this at any time and enter a start date during the next 12 months to line up with your existing n motor insurance policy.


1 Click on this Link    Free Motor Legal Protection

2 Press BUY ( at no time will you be asked for payment details when registering your free policy )

3 Enter discount code    gbcoc5web  press SUBMIT

4 Continue and then fill in the 1 simple form of information which is needed to provide you with your free policy. At the bottom of this page you can enter the date you want your policy to start, ( details are safe, secure and are only used in order to provide your policy )

5 Press CHECKOUT and then on the next page press CONFIRM

The whole process takes around 2 minutes and as said above, will probably save you £25 per year.

A full Written policy will be sent out to you once you have completed registration







About this Policy  

This policy is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited.

This policy will pay Legal Costs up to £75,000 in order to pursue a claim,
We will take all the details, collate the information about Your losses and negotiate to try and recover them.
If a decision is appealed We will help appealing or defending an appeal. If an Appointed Lawyer is used, We will pay the Legal Costs for this
No need for separate policies for more than one vehicle. Covers cars and light commercials up to 7.5 tonne.

Vehicles & Drivers Covered

Any motor vehicle specified on your main motor insurance policy up to 7.5 tonne, along with any named driver on that policy, is covered on this motor legal protection Plus Policy.


Recovers uninsured costs and losses (losses not covered by your car insurance policy) when an accident was not your fault, including;

•   £75,000 of legal fees
•   Repairs to your vehicle

•   Your policy excess

•   A replacement vehicle

•   Your vehicle being recovered

•   Storage charges
•   Recovers loss of earnings
•   Damage to personal property

•   Other out of pocket expenses