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Citroen ID 19 Confort 1965

Sold For £6,035


Chassis No 3.647.105
Body No 119-141697
Only 2 owners

This ID 19 that is presented is in a remarkable original condition. Its colour Reference AC 616, is the Blue of the East present in the catalogues between 1965 and 1967. Paint work is original and has preserved very well. A good polish will bring back the original depth of this splendid and elegant colour. Inside splendid saddlery in blue jersey is in an incredible state including the door panels of and the roof lining. A steering lock is installed under the wheel.

The dashboard is also in a very good condition and the radio is original. The odometer indicates 15.419 km. considering its extraordinary state in general; it is not very probable that our ID 19 covered more than 115.419 km. The body and the frame are perfectly healthy.

It is easy to realize that this car was cherished by its two owners. “EXCEPTIONAL”!

Estimate: £4,828 - £6,437
Sold for:  £6,035