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Citroen Kegresse Half Track 1926

Sold For £24,943

RM Auctions
Aalholm Automobile Collection

Chassis No. N-188

Production figures are hard to find. former head of Citroen’s Public Relations, mentions a total of 5.795 cars produced by Citroen. The early 10hp cars based on the B2 (K1, P4T, P7T), known as the first generation of Kegresses were produced until 1927 in a number of 1.134 (same source).A few years ago some documents were found by the Conservatoire Citroen, verifying this number with figures for each year: 8 cars in 1921, 118 in 1922, 317 in 1923, 68 in 1924, 619 in 1925 and 4 in 1926
Presumably the 1927-37 period (4.661 cars) starts with the P7bis (with metal brackets on the caterpillars). Out of these 1.150 were produced in 1931 and 915 in 1933 Adolphe Kegresse obtained his patent for the half-tracks as early as 1913 and the system was seen and tested on several cars (including the RR Silver Ghost of the Russian Tzar before he came to Citroen in 1920.

This story is not to be told here; this is all about Citroen!

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Estimate: £2,333 - £3,924
Sold for:  £24,943