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Up to £50,000 cover for just £15.00 per year


Don't forget this cover (worth £15.00) comes free with level 3 Citroen Owners Club membership which includes an anti-fraud pack (worth £5.00) and key insurance


(worth a further £20.00) as well, so that's 40 quids worth of protection products + a tenners worth of club merchandise for £49.99 per year.

Its even included at level 2 club membership


which is only £24.99 per year and again includes an anti fraud pack (£5.00) and inclusive club stuff!

This kind of protection is very often sold for much more money by your motor insurance broker or company, sometimes for as much as £35.00!



Citroen Owners Club Members Legal Protection cover supplied by Driver Guardian Limited (and others).

The Legal Protection Insurance gives you £50,000 of legal costs to reclaim any losses that cannot be claimed for under your car insurance policy.

All for just £15.00!

Motor Legal Expenses Policy - KEY FACTS

Significant features and benefits

Legal Expenses Cover

This policy covers legal and professional fees, costs and expenses up to £50,000 in connection with pursuing civil legal proceedings in respect of any loss (but not injury) sustained by the insured person arising out of the insured event where such loss is not covered by the insured person’s underlying motor insurance policy.
Typical Losses Include:
Recovery of the cost of repairs to your vehicle.
Policy Excess.
The Hire of an alternative vehicle.
Loss Of Earnings or Loss of Use.
Towing & Recovery Charges.
Storage Charges.
 Damage To Personal Property.

We provide a 24 hour, seven days a week all year round motor helpline.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations
Motorplus shall not be liable in respect of: The death of, or injuries or losses sustained by, your passengers. Your death or injuries sustained by you. Claims relating to a contract concerning your vehicle.Claims arising whilst your vehicle is being used by someone without valid motor insurance. Claims arising from any deliberate or criminal act or omission.    Costs arising before Motorplus accept a claim in writing.The balance of costs over and above the figure Motorplus have previously agreed. Any claim reported by the Insured Person to Motorplus more than 180 days after the insured event. Any incident or matter arising prior to inception of this insurance.     If the claim has no reasonable prospects of success.

Cancelation Right
We hope you are happy with the cover this policy provides. However, you have the right to cancel it within 14 days of receiving the policy, without giving any reasons, by sending us written notice within the first 14 days of the policy, or (if later) within 14 days of you receiving the insurance documents. This is known as the “cooling off period”. Thereafter any return premium will be discretionary.

Making a Claim
Call the Claims helpline on 0800 157 7273 FREE 0800 157 7273 Please quote the following policy reference: The following information will be required:
Policy reference as above. Your name.Your address.The branch you have taken your policy through.The type of insured problem you are experiencing.

You can view full policy wording here.

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