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Level 1 (Free) membership to the Citroen Owners Club.

Before you go any further are you sure you don't want to take advantage of the other memberships on offer?

Yes this level of joining is great but with level 2 or 3 you can save money from day one with the fantastic insurance products  let alone the other discounts.

Just click here to go back and select a different membership level for the club or if you are sure just read on, join and enjoy!

When you join  with level 1 membership to the club you will need to sign up to the forum which is where you are on your way to now. If you decide to upgrade membership at any time just log in with your forum user name and password and then click on the membership tab nest to the login the rest is self explanatory.

Got a question or concern? Just mail us here.

Don't forget to read the T's&Cs of membership and the club privacy policy then when you're happy....



Once you have joined we will grab your details and get any freebies you are due out to you in the post!

Thanks for becoming a member of Citroen Owners Club we look forward to helping wherever and whenever we can.