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Citroen Mehari 4X4 1980

Sold For £16,212



Series No 00CE0017

This was one of the few 4x4 4-wheel independent able to climb slopes up to 60%. This example numbered 17, this is one of the earliest numbers, and perhaps one of the oldest in the world, as the series began 00CE0001.

It comes in very good original condition. This is a four-seater on the grey card, which is rare, most Mehari 4x4 are normally a two seater. The rear seat is present. The odometer indicates a distance of 64252 km. It was registered for the first time, March 7, 1980. The Citroen Mehari 4x4 is just about having the best fun; this particular version is one of the rarest and most envied.

Estimate: £12,471 - £14,965
Sold for: £16,212