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Citroen Mehari 4X4 1982

Sold For £8,448


Chassis No 00CE0259
French grey card
48,000 km

Mehari 4 x 4 is a car for leisure, family outings. By folding the rear seat option  it turns into a two-seater to use as a utility. The basic structure is the platform of the Citroen Dyane which itself descends from the 2CV. The body, which is plastic resin and hot stamped coloured, can regain its original shape after a mild shock. It is supported by a tubular lattice. For 1970 models, the body is slightly modified. In 1978, Direction is softened with a smaller wheel. In 1979, a combined two dials from the LN takes place on the dashboard and the power goes from 26 to 29 hp DIN with a twin carburettor. In 1979, 4 x 4 Méhari appears with the spare wheel on the bonnet and disc brakes at the rear. The Mehari 4 x 4 ceases production in 1983 after only 1300 copies. The Citroën Mehari are very entertaining, and the "4 x 4" version is the rarest and most desirable.

After reviewing the presented model, the chassis is in very good condition, the body also. The transfer box works. Tarpaulins and brakes are in good condition.

Just 48,000 km on the odometer.

Estimate: £9,655 - £14,483
Sold for:  £8,448