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Citroen Mehari Azur 1985

Sold For £7,483


Chassis No VF7AYCA0014CA1978

This is the third and final version marketed until 1987 for a total of 41,805 copies. The Mehari AZUR is a special series and has a hood system all of its own and was available in one version two-tone blue and white. The rims are perforated and specific to this model. It is very summery in its name and presentation.
As the 2CV Charleston, originally the production should be limited.

Like other Mehari, she was offered in two or four seats.

This Mehari offered is a two-seater on the logbook. The Mehari was registered June 27, 1985 for the first time. Beautifully restored, this is the real beach car in French.
AZUR fun version is considered the prettiest Citroen Mehari.

Estimate: £4,989 - £7,483
Sold for: £7,483