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Misfueling insurance


MOT Test, Alloy Wheel & Misfuelling Policy all for just £40.00 per year
Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is incredibly easy to do and very costly, put your mind at ease while at the pump. This extensive policy also covers some MOT test failure and alloy wheel damage for added protection to stop simple mistakes from giving you an unexpected bill to pay!


Terms and Condition
MOT Test, Alloy Wheel & Misfuelling Policy - KEY FACTS

Significant features and benefits (subject to the claim limit)

Lighting Equipment - Headlamps, front and rear side lamps, number plate illumination lamp, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, rear fog lamps, hazard warning lamps and control, direction indicator control, fog lamp on/off indicator. Steering and Suspension - Steering control, steering mechanism and system, power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front and rear suspension and shock absorbers, suspension drag link, track rod ends, suspension springs, wishbones, swivel joints, suspension mountings, sub frame.

Brakes - Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, load compensator, ABS modulator/sensors, electronic control unit, hoses / cables.

Seats and Seatbelts - The condition and operation of all seats, seatbelts, pre-tensioners and seatbelt mountings.

General - Carburetor, fuel injection, engine management unit or sensor replacement directly as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT exhaust emission standards, horn, speedometer, and speed limiter, windscreen wipers and washers, (excluding wiper blades and rubbers). NB. Tuning and adjustments only if necessary to meet MOT exhaust gas emission standards.
Alloy Wheel Cover
Within the period of insurance, we will pay for the cost of repairs (subject to the claim limit) resulting from accidental damage which has occurred within the territorial limits to your alloy wheels. Claims will be handled by the administrator and the repairs will be carried by our approved repairer, who will make all efforts to affect the repair to your satisfaction.
Mis-fuelling Cover
Within the period of insurance we will pay all costs (subject to the claim limit) associated with fitting parts affected by mis-fuelling as specified by individual manufacturers.

1.    The Insurer shall not be liable for any claims arising thereby or indirectly caused or contributed by or in consequence of a loss:
a)    of “Aftermarket” or non-original wheels, Diamond (laser) cut rims, wheels with split rim construction or with chrome effect finishes (alloy wheelcover);
b)    to vehicle that normally uses Bio-diesel, ethanol, red diesel, autogas or non standard fuel (mis-fuelling cover); c)    arising from accident damage or adjustments or tuning, nor for the fee payable either for the MOT Test or for any
retest (MOT cover).
d)    occurring during the warranty or guarantee period of any manufacturer, or where faults have developed during such period prior to the commencement of the period of insurance (provided they were evident at that time) and which have not been completely rectified;
e)    resulting from any modification to the vehicle or the substitution of components by nonstandard components or equipment not approved by the manufacturer of the vehicle;
f)    if the milometer has been altered or disconnected or inoperative resulting in the mis-representation of the vehicle’s actual mileage;
g)    caused by or arising from:
(i)    routine servicing maintenance or repair of the vehicle or from negligence, abuse or willful damage; (ii)    the subjecting of the vehicle to a load greater than that permitted by the manufacturer’s recommendations; (iii)    fire, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, explosion, frost, storm, tempest, flood, water damage, theft or attempted
theft, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped there from or any extreme cause;
iv)    any road traffic accident or collision
h)    relating to taxis, self drive hire, driving schools, commercial vehicles, or vans with a carrying capacity exceeding 3500kg, or to vehicles used in any sort of competitions, rallies, pace making or off road use;
i)    involving components subject to recall or repair or replacement by the manufacturer or attributable to a manufacturer’s design defect;
j)    directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, confiscation or detention by customs or other officials or authorities, malicious intent or vandalism;
k)    directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from: (i)    nuclear radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any irradiated nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from
the combustion of nuclear fuel;
(ii)    the radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof;
l)    occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices traveling at sonic or supersonic speeds; m)    caused by or arising from antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, grease or oils (other than those falling within the definition of
mis-fuelling); n)    arising during routine servicing or repair; o)    arising from any contractual liability;
p)    relating to any vehicle owned by a garage or its associated businesses or by the proprietor of such garage or associated businesses, or by an employee or relative of such proprietor, or component breakage occurring whilst the vehicle is in the custody or control of such persons.
q)    involving death, bodily injury or loss of or damage to property other than the insured components or loss of use or any consequential loss of whatsoever nature;
r)    arising from non-compliance with the conditions relating to the servicing of the vehicle;
s)    involving any of the following vehicle types: all American, Australian and Canadian vehicles (unless built for the UK market), Stretched limousines, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW ‘M’ series, Bristol, Bugatti, Caterham, Daimler 12 cylinder models, De Tomaso, Electric or hybrid powered vehicles, Ferrari, Ford Cosworth models, Hummers, Jaguars exceeding 4000cc, Kit cars, Lamborghini, Lancia Delta Integrale/8.32 Models, LCC Rocket, Lotus, LPG powered vehicles, Marcos, Maserati, McLaren F1, Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Morgan, Nissan 300ZX/Skyline, Noble M10, Panther, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Rotary engine vehicles, Subaru SVX / Impreza WRX, TVR, Venturi, Westfield. Service vehicles (police ambulance etc), vehicles used for hire & reward, taxis, vehicles, or vans with a carrying capacity exceeding 3500kg, or to vehicles used in any sort of competitions, rallies, pace making or off-road use;
t)    involving structural damage, rust or corrosion, windscreen replacement or repair;
u)    arising from fair wear and tear to items such as (but not limited to) tyres, brake disks and brake pads.
2.    Components other than those specifically listed in the “What is covered” section of this Policy (MOT cover).
3.    Components which are not cited as failed on the VT30, but which are replaced during the course of the repair (MOT cover).
4.    Advisory items noted on the VT30 (MOT cover). 5.    The first £10 of any claim in respect of the MOT cover.

Cancelation Right
We hope you are happy with the cover this policy provides. However, you have the right to cancel it within 14 days of receiving the policy, without giving any reasons, by sending us written notice within the first 14 days of the policy, or (if later) within 14 days of you receiving the insurance documents. This is known as the “cooling off period”. Thereafter any return premium will be discretionary.


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