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Some excellent products to help protect our members.

What a choice for club members!   

With all this protection available for your Citroen you will have it all covered!

Just click the link to find out more about the product listed, including prices, discounts available to members and in some cases full policy wordings.

Don't worry if you are redirected to an 'outside' supplier the choice, as always, is yours whether or not you want to give them your details to obtain a quotation.

So what do you want to have a look at?





  • Key insurance (you will never have to panic again if you loose your Citroen or house keys)




  • Legal protection  (all the help you will ever need in the event of an accident in your beloved Citroen)



  • Car status report (Don't buy a used Citroen without  a HPi report you will regret it later)