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Citroen Scarabee d'Or 1990

Sold For £5,934

Artcurial Auctions (Heuliez) 07/07/2012

Chassis No HZ1990-1
Unique prototype
Possible to add mechanical components

At the Geneva Motor show in 1990, Heuliez showed the Citroën Scarabee d'Or.

Although Citroën Scarabee was just a static model, missing the BX GTI 4x4 engineering intended for it. Taking its name from the Citroën Autochenilles of the Croisière Noire in 1922, the 1990 Scarabee d'Or was a fun micro 4x4 with a flexible use of space. In basic form, the open body came with two front seats, but the boot could be opened out to provide two extra seats. Open to the elements, the semi-open sides allowed a view of the ground while providing a level of protection.

This model with wheels has neither mechanics nor steering. It is in excellent condition, with functional rear seats. The vehicle has never been registered.
An emblem of the incredible creativity of the Heuliez design team, the Scarabee d'Or also epitomizes the numerous attempts made by Citroën to escape its rather classical image. Sold with no grey card,

As such, the Scarabee d'Or deserves close attention from enthusiasts who are sure to be captivated by its endearing smile !

Sold no reserve
Estimation: £8,302 - £12,453
Sold for :    £5,934