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Citroen SM Espace 1970

Sold For £90,994

Artcurial  Auctions (Heuliez) 07/07/2012

Chassis No 00SB6200
Standard French title
Unique prototype
Innovative technology
From the personal collection of Henri Heuliez

Heuliez took the Citroën SM, and developed a kind of "hybrid" between a coupe and a convertible: the "SM Espace". The car received two special sections in roof height of the doors, mounted on the electrically retractable blades that could be moved back to a remaining centre bar, and so enabled a "targa-like 'driving experience. Of this vehicle, there was initially a copy of which was presented at the 1971 Paris Motor Show with an aft bulkhead. In 1972, a second model built for Henri Heuliez and in his company car colour was painted blue, and is thus regarded as the only existing authentic Citroën SM Espace after the first copy was destroyed officially at Heuliez. The car with the chassis No 00SB6200 received the special status of "l'Inventaire supplémentaire of Historical Monuments" as a national historical heritage

The car is offered in well preserved, original condition, both mechanically and cosmetically, the car is running and the front and rear spheres have been changed. The interior chamois leather upholstery is in good condition. The V6 2,670cc engine has 3 twin-choke Weber 42 DCNF carburettors which gives the car 170ch DIN at 5500 rpm.

This SM Espace comes with its original normal grey card. It is an exceptional car, both historically and technically, and deserves to belong to a true enthusiast of this marquee and model, to someone who appreciates how special this car is and will preserve its unique status.

Sold no reserve
Estimate: £166,000 - £332,000
Sold for:   £90,994