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What to look out for and check on Citroen docmentation before you buy it.



Log Book (V5), MOT & Service Books

Always check the mileage and dates on all documents and make sure there are no discrepancies between mileage and dates.

 Log Book, V5

Check V5 before purchasing the vehicle and ask to take the document reference number so you can authenticate the V5. If you don’t have a pen just take a photo of it on your smart phone. This doc ref. number can be found in the bottom left on the inside fist page.Check the water mark as that should read DVLA. Looking at the V5 see how long the registered keeper has kept the vehicle for and where they have lived then cross-reference the service history stamps and MOTs to make sure they correspond with mileages and the location of registered keeper.

 M.O.T. Certificate

You can now do an MOT history check if you have the up to date and genuine V5 document. Use the doc ref number on the latest V5, and go to then after inputting the relevant registration number and V5 doc ref number you can search all computerised MOT dates and mileages for that particular vehicle and at the same time check all MOT failures and advisories. The site will not let you in unless you have the correct and most up to date V5, This is particularly useful with the modern speedos that can be easily altered with a laptop and the right piece of software.

Service Book

Check the service history book and any receipts.

If unsure retain the telephone numbers of the servicing dealers in the service book and speak to them direct to authenticate the services.

Check tyre makes (including spare) as on low mileage vehicles they really should all be the same make,

Check front end of car for stone chips, there should at least be some even on low mileage if not check for recent paintwork,

 Still not sure? Get your vehicle status hpi check here.

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