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Citroen Xantia Buffalo 4X4 Estate 1996

Sold For £9,891

Artcurial Auctions (Heuliez) 07/07/2012



Chassis No HZ1987-1
Unique prototype
Full of character

The year after the Xantia estate was presented to the public, the coachbuilder Heuliez wanted to show his talents and create a less standard version, so exhibited the Xantia 4x4 Buffalo estate. It drew from ideas used on the BX 4x4 which had been offered a few years earlier and which hadn't been as successful as expected.

To add a sense of reliability to his project, Heuliez collaborated with the British company FFD-Ricardo to develop the 4-wheel drive transmission. The exterior styling displayed a flattering and successful mix of elements. The interior, as with previous " Buffalo " estates by Heuliez, was finished in an elegant and refined mix of red buffalo leather with and cashmere.

The Xantia 4x4 Buffalo remained a one-off creation, as Citroën did not follow up on the idea.

The vehicle is presented in superb condition. It is powered by a four-cylinder 12-valve diesel engine linked to a five speed gearbox. It is fitted with an anti-theft device and has just 2 km on the odometer.

The car has never been registered.

Sold no reserve
Estimate: £12,453 - £20,775
Sold for:   £9.891