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Citroen XM Limousine 1995

Sold For £1,978

Artcurial Auctions (Heuliez) 07/07/2012

Chassis No HZ1996-1
Unique model
Presidential history
Upmarket French image

The XM "Limousine" was the second proposition for a top-of-the-range French vehicle, offered to complement the XM "Palace" which had appeared in 1992.

This time, the designers at Heuliez-France-Design had decided to use the platform of the XM estate, a car that Heuliez produced for Citroen. Despite its name, this wasn't a true limousine, as it only had two opening doors on each side. This three box saloon retained the XM boot and lights, but had a more vertical rear window, which provided enough room for a standard boot lid. The rear of the vehicle was modelled in clay to show its size. The model was shown to President Chirac when he visited the Heuliez factory in 1996.

This non-motorised model is presented in good condition, with some cracking to the clay section at the rear. It has no manufacturer's plate or serial number. The dark grey velour interior is presented in reasonable condition.

This is a fascinating style project of enormous interest to 'marquee aux chevrons' collectors, who will appreciate its unique and exclusive nature.

A gem worthy of a place in any collection.

Sold no reserve
Estimate: £1,660 - £3,320
Sold for:   £1,978