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Citroen XM V6 Turbo Limousine Palace 1992

Sold For 11,869

Artcurial Auctions (Heuliez)  07/07/2012

Citroen XM turbo
Chassis No HZ1992-1
Unique prototype
Presidential car
Running condition
Official car for the official visit to the Heuliez
factory by President Chirac in January 1996

Presented in Geneva in 1992,

The wheelbase of the XM to 13cm and the rear overhang is extended by 20cm.
It remains a unique model was revised in 1995 and then painted metallic blue. Originally benefiting from a specially styled front end, the XM Palace was reconfigured and repainted in metallic blue in 1995.
It served as the official car for the President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, when he visited the Heuliez factory on 15 January 1996 to unveil the only production line producing 100% electric cars in the world.
The vehicle has been very well preserved and is in running condition.
It sports aluminium-alloy wheels, flag posts on the front wings, black leather interior with wooden trim, anti-theft device, and radio.

Under the bonnet, there is a V6 turbo fuel-injection engine with five-speed gearbox.

Sold no reserve
Estimate: £12,453 - £16,604
Sold for:   £11,869