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DIY Citroen Xsara Picasso oil and oil filter change (Petrol)


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How to do a DIY Oil and Oil filter change on your Citroen Xsara Picasso:

1.6 litre petrol engine (1587cc), 1.8 litre petrol engine (1749cc)

Petrol engine model

1.    Ensure engine oil is warm when draining (allow car to run up to normal temperature), this allows the oil   to drain easier and better as well as removing more contamination.

2.    Take off the engine undertray, place a draining tray under the drain plug, and remove the plug completely.

3.    Once all the oil has cleared clean the drain plug with a cloth and fit a new sealing washer.

4.    Clean the drain plug area; replace the plug fitting it securely.

5.    Place the draining container under the oil filter.

6.  Early 1.6 and 1.8 litre engines have a disposable metal canister oil filter, therefore go to point 7. Later 1.6   litre engines have a disposable paper element within a plastic housing therefore go to point 8.

7.  Firstly slacken the filter using a filter tool if necessary, and then unscrew it manually.
    Pour the oil from the filter into the container; puncture the dome in two places to ensure all the oil has drained.
    Remove all oil and dirt from the filter sealing area on the engine. Remove the rubber sealing ring from the engine if it’s  stuck.
    Place a light coating of clean engine oil to the sealing ring on the new filter, and place in position manually.

8. Firstly slacken the filter using a tool if necessary, then unscrew it manually. Notice the plunger tube which is inside the housing is lifted, allowing the oil to drain back to the sump.    
    Lift the filter cover off the housing and take off the paper element, also take the plunger tube out of the oil  filter cover.
       Remove all oil and dirt from the oil filter housing, and clean the filter cover thoroughly using appropriate solvent.  
       Put the new oil filter on the filter housing, and place the new plunger tube into position. Place a light coating of clean engine oil on the seal of
       the filter cover and the O-ring on the end of the plunger tube. Place filter cover onto housing tightening to correct torque.

9.   Ensure engine undertray is replaced correctly.

10. Take out the dipstick, and half fill the engine with the correct oil, wait a few minutes in order to allow the oil to settle, then continue to fill until the dipstick measures correctly.

11. Check there are no leaks in the oil filter seal and the sump drain plug by running the engine for a few minutes.

12. Turn off the engine and again wait for a few minutes, then recheck the level on the dipstick, add more oil if needed.